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It’s no secret that Calgary and it’s outlying areas are prone to some fairly unique conditions year round. Half the battle, however, is knowing what you’re up against when it comes to these issues. The other half is preventing and correcting them, permanently!  The ever illusive ground water table is always changing it seems in our part of southern Alberta. It can flood your basement from the ground up, literally! We solve this issue by installing sump pits and sump pumps. It does the job of pumping out the ground water before it becomes an issue.

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Have you ever noticed that white residue around your kitchen faucet or bathroom fixtures? How your dishes never seem to come out 100% clean from the dishwasher? This residue and lack of shine and sparkle is because of hard water mineral deposits! You may not realize it but Calgary and Area has some of the hardest water in North America! What this means is although the water looks clear, there’s actually dissolved minerals and calcium in it. These things are harmless, but without a doubt, the benefits of softening that hard water are well worth it in the end.

Silcraft Services Okatokes AlbertaWhen you soften the water, you actually save money! You’ll begin to use one third of the soaps, conditioners, shampoos, and detergents that you did before. All the ‘water marks’ or ‘staining’ the hard water leaves behind on clothing and bathroom fixtures will be gone as well. Lastly, those hard water minerals tend to settle on the bottom of Hot Water Tanks. This can drastically reduce the life of the tank. Since Water Softeners take all these minerals out, it allows the tanks to reach their full potential through out the whole life expectancy!Silcraft Services Strathmore Alberta

Have you ever wondered what that swimming pool type smell is when you open a tap? It’s chlorine! The City of Calgary uses this to treat our water supply. Other unpopular culprits in water contamination are Iron and Sulphur. This is more common in the out lying and rural areas of Calgary, such as, Chestermere, Langdon, Strathmore, Okotoks, Cochrane, and Airdrie. These are relatively simple issues and the first thing we do to correct them is to get a water analysis done.  Once we know what we’re dealing with, we can create a permanent solution!

Silcraft Services Langdon AlbertaLast but not least! Calgary is, unfortunately, known for how dry it is and our lack of humidity. These things are easily remedied with the proper amount of humidity and air circulation though out your home. This leads us into Allergen Prevention Systems. Indoor Air Quality should always be taken into account when looking at the mechanical workings of your home. It’s important to change the furnace filter every 1 – 2 months, depending on the amount of debris being collected by them. Bacteria and mould can begin to form and this makes us sick.

Silcraft Services Chesteremere-Lake AlbertaThis is more common in the winter months as there is a lack of new, or fresh, air being brought into our homes. It’s also equally important to have the air in your home being circuited constantly. With older furnaces this can add cost to your power bill as the blower will be running 24/7. If your furnace is older, however, not old enough to be replacing, then it could be as simple as switching the blower motor with one of our ‘Green Motors’. They run on DC power, are extremely quiet, and will improve the quality of air with out even hearing a whisper. Whether its a seasonal allergy or a year round issue, you shouldn’t have to suffer in your own home!

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